Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce your last name?

The name 'Rehmet' is pronounced Ray'-met. *NOTE: 'Rehmet' is of German origin. My ancestors came from Upper Silesia providence of Eastern Germany (Prussia) from a town called Friedland (now called Korfantow located in Poland). They arrived in Harrison, Ohio in 1883.

What instrument(s) do you play?

I play piano (or electronic keyboards) and sing. I can play organ but the technique for playing organ is quite different than piano and offers a few challenges. I grew up playing piano. (I can play harmonica but I usually don't bring that one up) *NOTE: In music school, composition majors were required to know and understand all of the instruments of the orchestra. Comp students took Brass Methods, Woodwind Methods, Styring Methods, & Percussion Methods classes with each one lasting one semester. We chose an instrument from each family and learned to play it to some 'beginner'extent. More importantly, we were learning the idiomatic charachteristics of each instrument. This was VITAL when writing compositions for that particular instrument.

What is your 'day-job'? What do you do for a living outside of playing music?

I don't have a so-called 'day-job.' Music has always been my career and I am a full time musician. My income has primarily come from performing. Other musical sources of income have been from arranging, writing charts, studio work, music director duties, and teaching. I have been making a living at playing music since 1979. *NOTE: To be completely honest, I did work at two restaurants for a short period of time during my teenage years.

What kind of music do you play?

All kinds really. I have always been open minded to all types of music. I want to continue to be versatile and realized early on that it is important to know many songs and performing styles. (Especially if you want to keep working as a musician). I always keep the audience in mind and gear the song choices to the audience and for the purpose of me being there to provide music. Requests are welcome. *NOTE: I also also keep an Ipad with me when I play that contains charts for over 2000 songs.

What about a music selection for seniors?

Song selection when playing for older folks is important. I do perform at many assisted living facilties, independent living facilities, memory care places, and nursing homes. I like to keep the music upbeat and fun. I offer music from the eras most familiar to the residents. Strong rhythm is the key with each song. Interaction via humor and short stories along with the music with the audience is also important. The trick is to also provide a variety as many residents have different tastes. A slow song or two can be OK and sometimes offers an opportunity to dance is able. *NOTE: It is amazing to witness the transformation and positive effect that music has with our seniors. It is very important!

How much do you charge?

That kind of depends. Many factors can determine the performance fee. The best way to address this question is for you to CLICK HERE and send an email message directly to me. I can then provide you with rate information after you describe to me the event, what you have in mind, and the start/end times you would like for entertainment (i.e. 2 hours, 3 hours, etc). *NOTE: I think it might be important to note that entertainers and musicians can always be found charging an assortment of fees, some maybe higher and some lower. Sometimes you also find eager ones that want to volunteer and play at no cost. I respect the abilities and intentions of my fellow musicians - I really do. I also realize that budget is almost always the primary consideration at first when finding entertainmnet. I also must state from experience however that one most often gets what one pays for. Just something to keep in mind when seeking quality entertainment.

Do you provide your own equipment?

Yes. I provide my own music set-up: Seen above is my 88-key Kurzweil digital keyboard. I also bring a compact PA system, microphone, stands, bench and all other needed accessories. If an acoustic piano is availble at the venue, I may opt to play it depending on the event, the music needed, and of course the condition of the acoustic piano. * NOTE: In senior facilities, sometimes I will play the acoustic piano AND my digital piano. There are times when I set up in proximity to an existing acoustic piano. If the house piano is in OK shape I will set up close and play special songs on the acoustic and other ones on mine. The effect is to show versatility, that I really am playing (not recorded) and that an acoustic piano has such a beautiful traditional sound. This also helps to change up my program a bit.

Do you ever travel out of town to perform?

Yes. Over the years - many times. I have certainly played in a lot of other cities and am currently open to opportunities for playing outside of Louisville, Kentucky when the schedule allows. *NOTE: I have played as far away as South Africa, England, Aruba, Alaska, and New York.

Do you have any CDs or other recordings?

No CD yet. Look for a CD release in mid-2018. Some audio and video recordings can be accessed here on this website. *NOTE: I have 12-14 acoustic piano pieces already recorded. These songs currently only need minor edits, mixing, transfered, and mastered. Other compositions are also in the works.

How much time do you need to set up your gear?

This depends on on the load-in of his equipment which mainly relys on distance to the performance area. Elevators, stairs, pathways through kitchens, and parking can sometimes also be an issue. Once inside the venue, I can usually set up my equipment in less than 20 minutes. Larger venues may require a bigger PA system or additional equipment. A long or challenging load-in of gear will require a little more time. *NOTE: Musicians in the Louisville area have often compared notes as to the most difficult load-ins and set up venues. The most mentioned are the Belle of Louisville steamboat, Catherine Spalding University, The Ratskeller at the Seelbach Hotel, and The Pendennis Club. Most downtown Louisville venues present challenges.

Can we get promo pics or smaller bio information to use as promotion for upcoming appearances at our venue?

Of course. You can download images and text material from anywhere on this website. You can also click here to access our EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to see pics and related resources easily available for download.

We need you to provide us with a W-9 form. Are you able to send us one?

No problem. I have done this dozens of times. The forms are available online and I can submit one to you prior to the event with the info, signature, and date. I will send it via email as an attached PDF.

We need you to send us an an invoice. Is that a problem?

No problem, I can easily provide one to you. I already have the invoice templates on hand and can modify as needed with your information. I will send you and invoice via email as an attached PDF. NOTE: The sooner the better in some cases. Let me know your procedure and I will prepare the invoice in advance and send it as early as is allowed to help ensure more timely payments from your accounting office or corporate. I have seen payments delayed on a regular basis from the same source for up to eight weeks even when the invoice was submitted promptl and correctly. I no longer play at those places.

What do you need from me on the night/day of the performance?

Besides knowing the specific area to set up, usually all I need is just enough space to set up my equipment to perform. Close proximity to a power outlet source is also required. I will provide everything else. *NOTE: Sometimes it is nice to have a contact person and cell phone number in case of unforseen issues or questions when setting up. Other than that, I always try to get specific directions in advance when needed. I don't need a table as some DJs require.

Are you on Facebook?

Yes. You can find other info and music related posts at this Facebook Page location: or CLICK HERE

What is the best way to contact you?

Email is the best way. Sometimes both schedules are so busy. To email each other at convenient times usually results in prompt responses and no 'phone tag.' CLICK HERE to send an email directly to me from this website.

How old were you when you first started playing piano?

I was eight years old. *NOTE: I started taking piano lessons from a man named Pete Eisenbeis in St. Matthews (Louisville, KY) when I was eight years old.

Did either your mother or father play a musical instument or sing?

Not really. Both enjoyed singing much like most people sing in their car or in the shower. My dad was known to play harmonica sometimes. *NOTE: I always admired musical families whose mother, father, and all of the children played an instrument or sang. I didn't know it at the time but being the only musician and learning to play and express oneself on the piano was beneficial. It gradually became anessential part of my life. I found joy in creative development and with an ability to express myself without the common criticism of parents. My parents knew nothing of piano so I was left alone to explore this new area I could call my own. I was never forced to practice.

How did you get the nickname 'J-Boy?'

From a former bandmate. I joined the Wulfe Brothers when I was 19. It was only a month or so after getting into the band that leader/bassist Paul Cunningham came up with the name 'J-Boy' to avoid confusion with two same first names in the band. Although not confirmed, I think these might be the reasons he came up with my nickname moniker: 1. There were two Jeff's in the band at the time; Jeff McAllister (drums) & myself. (Jeff =J) 2. I was young, still a a teenager. (boy) 3. I was also from Jeffersontown (J-Town) The nickname has stuck ever since. J-BOY!

"What is the airspeed of an unladen sparrow?"

"What do you mean? African or European swallow?" (Monty Python and the Holy Grail - 1975)

Where do you play? What kinds of other places do you play?

I have played at so many different venues and for all sorts of music needs and situations. Check out this page of event types i have performed at: MUSIC EVENT TYPES

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