Performing To An Empty Room - Camera Allows Quarantined Seniors To Watch & Listen By Remote Moni

Unfortunately, residents at a local senior facility had to remain in their rooms during a performance because of concerns regarding a flu outbreak. It is not uncommon to restrict close contact and interaction at senior facilities when a flu starts to become widespread. This is also true for children as schools sometimes experience the same thing. In early 2018, a number of senior places have had to implement similar 'lock downs' when health issues became a concern. That wasn't going to stop the entertainment planned for this afternoon At Nazareth Home Clifton in Louisville. Activity director Karen Kraemer decided to go ahead with the scheduled entertainment even if the residents could not physically be there. How can a person perform when nobody is there to listen? By camera! I literally played to an empty room with nothing but a mounted camera to look at and sing to. Apparently, tuned in residents were still able to enjoy the in-house broadcast of music and humor. A prior announcement was made to let the folks know they could watch the live entertainment on their TV monitors from their rooms located at the other side of the building. Later, a nurse told us that while walking down the halls, she could hear singing coming from inside some of the rooms. That was the only audience feedback I received that day but hearing that was quite fine with me. Music is important and I appreciate Karen's decision to go forward with music on that day. That is a great example of 'thinking 'outside the box' to make something positive out of an unpleasant situation.

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