17 Years At Area Senior Facility Ends - Contract Dispute With New Owners

The senior facility in Louisville, KY has had many names:

Eden Terrace, Sunrise, Horizon Bay, Brookdale, and just recently The Atria - Blankenbaker.

I had been performing there since the doors open in 2001. Atria bought the facility in May 2018.

Here’s kind of a review of what happened:

I would have loved to keep on performing for the residents but a dispute concerning a contract agreement introduced by Atria now prevented my continuation of music/entertainment at this senior faciliy. After reviewing the terms of Atria’s contract, I made one small alteration thus expressing disagreement with a potentially serious legal consequence. This involved performance rights societies (ASCAP, BMI SESAC) and the responsibility of licence agreement fees for performed music. This would have cast responsibility for me and by agreeing would provide total indemnity for Atria in this circumstance. Although I agreed with all other terms, this specific paragraph should have never been introduced into a contract as it is legally the sole responsibility of Atria and the facility and not that of any musician. After crossing that section out and initialed the margin, I signed and dated the contract. After all, I want to stay at Atria and continue to provide music for everybody. Executive director Chris Schuster was instructed not too accept any contract with modifications, markings, omissions, etc. I was told by him via phone message that if I was not able to present a signed contract as is, I would not be allowed to perform “in our building.”

I am not perfoming there anymore. I will miss the residents.

NOTE: At least 4 other performers' contracts were not accepted because of the same issue. Sadly,

Atria has lost some wonderful musicians.

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