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A division of Livingston Heights Studio & J-Boy Productions  Livingston Heights is the original name of my neighborhood in Jeffersontown circa. 1900.
                                                                                                            This is where I grew up and currently reside.  It is not called that anymore.  Among  regional
                                                                                                            musicians, the name J-Boy has been my own nickname since 1980.
Special Thanks
Elad Billfold (Mr. Demur)-brotherhood leadership & out of town links Dale Bielefeld Mr. Demur is an anagram for DRUMMER.  Brotherhood was a band that he once played in.  He is a leader in his profession. 'Out of Town' is a saying we sometimes use with a very country accent - just for fun.
Lori Romeo-proofreading & authoring
Kent Stevens Winslo-audio & catering
David (Spot) Winslo-domain staging/fronting
Jo Jeffries-spreadsheets & budget
KE 'Fingers'-piano/keyboard inspiration
George Frederick-piano repertoire
The original J-Boy #1-guitar & electrical
El Metzo - support & mentoring
Owen Davidson-philanthropy
Blade Bluffo (flu shot brewer)-valley music business
B Lackie , Jackie Jo, Kit Tee, & Kat-loyalty, pet scans
Loui Loui's Pizza  - (J-Boy's Jam & J-Boy's Music Showcase)
Tuscany Italian Restuarant - Venue
Additional Credits
Tommy-primary naming & identification I
Trina-primary naming & identification II
Simon-primary naming & identification III
Buddy-early friend development & titling
Grogan-secondary sub-naming +id alternates
'BAJA Inc.'-Publicity/attention @ twenty-one
'Feodor Bourke Smith' Corp.-Accounting/Payroll
Jim Allen-Tools (Nelson County affiliate)
'Hariet Vass'-regional controller
'Corner Girl'-bookings, agency work
'Georg Merle' & 'Mr. Risky Embroil'-cutting/splicing
S. Ardan (Ox Room Location)-advice & ownership
'Emmy Kartlow'-marketing & fund distributions
'Cyril Stu Erhard'-image
'Rev. Meg Kier'-(no band named)
'Mack & Tad Ross'-performance
'Caleb Sim Moss'-drama & utilization
The 'Nu Playpen'-compensation ratios
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