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Cafe Beignet - Boubon Street - New Orleans 11/21

Louisville, Kentucky


musician . . .

Stadium Concrete Seats

With my cousin Patty Evans in downtown Covington, KY following a 4th of July parade down Madison Avenue.  I think this photo was taken in 1966.  Five or six years later, Patty was the one who first introduced me to the music of  Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Frank Zappa, Mike Olfield, and the musical 'Hair.'

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Best Friend Scott Wilson RIP - 7/13/59 - 9/18/04
Lead singer, showman, fire breather . . . 
Photo taken at a concert in 1977

Jeff Rehmet


Heading 1


Jeff Rehmet

New Orleans . . 

New Orleans Piano Groove - Jeff Rehmet
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Jeff Rehmet

11 Years old . . .

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