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Jeff really gets to know the people he works with and finds out what kind of atmosphere they want to create at their events.  The success speaks for itself - if you want to know what people have said, just take a look at some of these glowing testimonials.




“Good job on the channel 11 show (WHAS Great Day Live) this morning - just beautiful - very nice.  I enjoyed it immensely and that ‘Embraceable You’ just knocked me off my seat.  But all your stuff is great.  Stride piano – every kind of variety of wonderful piano technique.  Good work.”

                                                                              Milton Metz: Former Radio & Television Personality – Louisville, KY 01/05/2016 


“Thank you for coming - - you were great!  It went very well - - you are a natural & such a pro.”

  Rachel Platt:  Former co-host of WHAS – ‘Great Day Live Live’ TV Show – Louisville 


".Enjoyed the video clip; you had a nice re-harmonization on the tune.  Very nice.  You have a nice delivery, kind of casual and very musical.  Keep up the good work; you're doing great.”   Beegie Adair:  Jazz Pianist – Nashville 


“I enjoyed hearing you play!  All the best to you!”

  Marian McPartland: Jazz Pianist -  February 1997 


“Jeff, thanks for the note. I did enjoy your music that I heard the night we were in the adjacent dining room.  I told Mike (Pinera) that this guy’s got it going on.”   Jerry Corbetta: Keyboardist/vocalist (Sugarloaf) -  June 2004 


"I served as General Manager of the Holiday Inn Louisville-Downtown from 1985 to 2008.  I met Jeff in 1999 and hired him to perform daily in our lounge.  Jeff and I would discuss the hotel's incoming business mix as to direct and adjust his music to their style.  He showed great versatility and ability to perform selections from the 40's to today. I never thought I would hire a one-person-band for our parties and dances during Derby week.  I know that Jeff has influenced many associates, friends, and hotel associates with his music - he never missed an opportunity to compliment a person with a song.  Even though Jeff worked for me at the hotel, I can also say that Jeff Rehmet is my friend.”

                 Daniel Smaldone: General Manager - Holiday Inn Louisville - Downtown 


"I’m so sick of hearing about that piano player that played at our Valentine’s Day Dinner last night! You were a big hit my friend. I’ve never had so many positive responses about a guest like I did last night & this morning. I’ve received phone messages, notes & direct comments from folks! Thanks so much for your songs last night. Our residents REALLY enjoyed it all & it made our Valentine’s Day celebration special for everyone. We had two couples who were visiting last night & they commented that they felt like they were at a dinner club in New York City!"

"You are a tremendous musician. Your music has had a HUGE impact upon our residents.  You have gone above and beyond and have ALWAYS provided genuine, quality entertainment. I would recommend you to anyone for any event. You can always count on me for this. I’M A FAN!  Your passion and zest for what you do has been an inspiration to me and our residents. Thanks for sharing all of this and YOURSELF with us. Keep sharing the music!"

                                                          Mark Clifford: Former Activities Director – ‘The Forum Brookside’ Louisville, KY 

"We are an Adult daycare center and have been working with Jeff for the last year. Every time Jeff walks in the room, the faces of our senior citizens are brightening up! They love him!!! His wonderful music makes then sing and dance and smile.  We are always looking forward to our time with Jeff!"  Yana Adamov: Former Co-Owner – Access Adult Health Daycare Center – Lou., KY 

Milton Metz -
" 'At

Handwritten poem from 'Memory Care' resident - Louisville area senior facility

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